Types of Massage

Types of Table Massage

Several styles of massage therapy are often used together to create a tailored massage treatment plan. The types and styles used during your massage plus any additional modalities are at the discrepancy of the client and massage therapist.

As a licensed massage therapist, it is important for me to provide you with the most therapeutic experience I can offer. I rely on the information you provide me; your health history intake form, our conversations pretreatment, and your communication with me during the massage all guide me in giving you the relief you are seeking.

It is very important that you communicate with me about the pressure I use on your body during massage.  A firm pressure can cause immediate or delayed discomfort if some areas of your body are more or less sensitive to pressure due to nerve injury or neuropathy, muscle spasm, or trauma (old or new). I’ll be more than happy to adjust it for you.

Hot Stone – currently only available at Whitesboro location

Hot Stone Massage incorporates the use of volcanic river rocks heated in water. The river smoothed the coarse edges leaving the smooth, rounded stones I use in my office today. This massage promotes relaxation and soothes aches & pains. This is a wonderful treat anytime of year but especially in the wintertime and when muscles are sore and stiff.


Medical Massage is a treatment or treatment plan with the intent of improving conditions or pathologies, (such as relieving chronic pain or improving range of motion) that have been diagnosed by a physician. A variety of modalities or procedures may be used together to create the treatment that is most effective for you. Clients may be required to have doctor’s permission to receive a massage. Occasionally, based on the diagnosis of your physician, massage may not be safe.


One of the most appreciated times in a woman’s life to get a massage is while she is pregnant! Cushions or pillows assist in the comfort of the woman during the massage. Women who are pregnant may need their doctor’s prior to receiving massage.


This treatment is designed to soothe and relax, de-stress, and calm your mind. The massage should not cause discomfort. Instead, your mind should be able to wander as in a daydream, letting go of your daily tasks and to-do lists.


Sports Massage is a massage focused on the muscles needed for the athletic event. It provides benefits before, during, and after the event. Some of these benefits include: reducing muscle swelling and tension, relieving muscle soreness, reducing or avoiding serious injuries, decreasing fatigue, alleviating pain, enhancing flexibility & mobility, and improving overall athletic event performance.

Additional Modalities

These modalities may be incorporated into the massage but do not constitute the entire massage therapy session.

  • Accupressure
  • Massage Cupping
  • Reflexology
  • Stretching (Active, Assisted, Passive, Resistive)
  • SweThai
  • TuiNa/AMMA